Moto g4 apparently not supported?

I bought a moto g4 specifically because I saw it was on the list of phones that support / e /, but I’ve just tried to install it and the message advised that the phone is not supported yet. Should I try again? Or is it actually not supported?

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This sounds a bit like you tried the installation via easy-installer. Is that correct?

Indeed the installer program only supports few of the generally supported devices. Which means that for most of the /e/ phones you need to do the manual flashing process. For the Moto G4 that is described here:

Oh no haha. In which case are there instructions for people who aren’t overly computer literate? Because that set-up guide is incredibly confusing.

They officially dropped support for Athene (G4/G4 Plus) anyway (Q4 2020). Last build was made a month ago (A Nougat one, based on Android 7.0) and so it seems it will be the last. I assume they didn’t have enough G4/G4 Plus users to bother updating them anymore.
Which means you will have to rely on unofficial /e/ roms and trust whoever builds them and manually update whenever an update is available or you can build it yourself if you got the time to do so as well.
Not the best phone for /e/.

Cool, thanks for the replies.
I’ll go back to the drawing board - degoogling shouldn’t be this bloody difficult!

Unfortunately Lineage, which /e/ relies on, dropped official support for athene MotoG4 after nougat so as @Genjuro says it’s not the best option for EOS. Sad because it is still a good phone.