Moto G4/Plus (Athene) Looks like Athene is having a re-birth

As the title says, this appears to be some good news for Moto G4. If all works well, hopefully this can bump Athene from Nougat to Android 11 on /e/ (or at least an unofficial /e/). This is encouraging.

Please share your thoughts, insights or opinions. :sunglasses:

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Update (May 10, 2022): Looks like it is a VERY rough development version and going slow, so far.

**This ROM looks to be more promising for now, at least it is on Android 9 Pie. It comes with April, 2022 Security Patch and security string not bumped (Uses January, 2022). It runs beautifully. The occasional β€œWi-Fi drop” bug has been fixed (used for 8+ hours straight no drops.) This ROM uses the Looney Kernel. It is one of best ROMs, I have used for Athene. A lot of customization options: transparency for drop down menu, animation options, icon packs option for launcher, and many more.

This would be great to get this converted over to /e/OS!! :heart_eyes: :sunglasses: :clap:

Here is the link for anyone interested: