Moto G7 Android R updates

I’m using /e/ OS on a Moto G7 and I’m very satisfied at the moment, but one thing confuses me: the system does not update. My previous phone, a Moto G4 Play, used to update once a month, but this one doesn’t. It currently has Android R with /e/ 0.18 from last September.

Should I downgrade to Android Q so I can get /e/ 0.22? These are the only options on the download site. By the way, is it possible to downgrade from Android R to Android Q?

Thanks for your amazing work :heart:

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Thanks for the reply, but notice Moto G7 Plus (lake) is a different device, I think. Mine is Moto G7 (river). The build situation looks similar though. The latest R build is from November

I’m sorry, missed that.

Anyway, ask @Manoj he will check it for you.

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Checking for lake and river /e/R v0.22 builds…Will update in the posts here

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