Moto G7 Plus - T-Mobile REVVLRY+ APN Settings

After recently loading /e/OS on a used Moto G7 Plus and moving my sim card from an iPhone 12 to this device everything worked great except phone calls seemed “unstable” - calls dropped unexpectedly or lacked a good connection.

Yesterday I found the APN settings page on T-Mobile shown below:

After editing the APN settings per the above instructions and disabling VoLTE, phone calls have not had the aforementioned stability issue.

Hopefully this will help someone in the future.

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what did you actually change? the page mentioned VoLTE but there’s no setting shown.


Thank you for your question.

From what I recall I only edited the following APN settings: Server, APN type, APN protocol, and APN protocol. All other settings were the same as the T-Mobile document.

Also, since the Moto G7 Plus does support VoLTE (T-Mobile REVVLRY+ | T-Mobile Support) I’ve turned it back to on.

It’s odd that the website mentions VoLTE in the page title but not in the content.

Dunno. I have a REVVLRY+ and didn’t notice anything strange on Q .18 or R while testing but I was only using in one location for a short time for testing.

Have you checked the chosen bands within the “dialer feature” *#*#4636#*#* -->phone infos -->preferred network.
could solve the problem…

I have not and I’m not at all familiar with dialer feature to check bands.

Not bands exactly, but standard used like CDMA UMTS GSM LTE