Moto G7 (river) sideload upgrade from Q to S

when following the documentation on upgrading using sideload I ran into an error stating

Update package is older than the current build, expected a build newer than timestamp 1670137861 but package has timestamp 1669903072 and downgrade not allowed

Above there is a prompt asking
This package will downgrade your system install anyway?

Have any of you run into this issue?

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at time of writing[*], Q (update) builds are more recent than R or S.

because of downgrade protection this will be noticed.

Did you try to go ahead and “install anyway?”

You can check for the next S build (1.7 coming up) and not update to the 1.7 Q build beforehind and sideload 1.7 S instead. This will work (but not sure about your userdata, have backups)

“at time of writing”:

S 2022 12 01 23 9247
R 2022 12 02 23 9576
Q 2022 12 04 24 0086

I decided not to choose ‘install anyway’ since this device is a daily-use phone. I get the impression that forcing it may lead to bricking. I wish i was more aware of sideloading support (i.e. upgrading without loosing data) earlier. I guess I will have to add the S build to my new years resolution.

P.S. How did you find the release dates attached to those builds?

How did you find the release dates attached to those builds?

the timestamps in the file zip file offered on the images server - technically not the exact “build date”, but within +/- 30 minutes.

… sideloading support (i.e. upgrading without loosing data)

it’s non synonymous. I think upgrading R to S is fine with userdata intact, but P to Q and Q to R had userdata states in sqlite dbs that had a bad time migrating when booting with newer versions. It got fixed, but there can always lurk a new problem - if it works, don’t take it for granted

Update it worked as tcecyk predicted