Moto g7 (river) success - at last!

A while ago I bought a refurbished g7 to install /e/ on. The instructions for /e/ are not entirely in agreement with the instructions for TWRP. The /e/ instructions for River say to fastboot flash recovery <recovery_filename>.img but the TWRP instructions are very clear not to do this, instead to fastboot boot <TWRP_filename>.img. I followed the TWRP instructions.

I got stuck at the next step because /sdcard is encrypted and the temporary copy of TWRP (fastboot boot twrp-3.5.2_10-0-river.img) doesn’t know how to decrypt it. This causes the next step (adb push /sdcard) to fail.

I got around it by installing an actual SD card with already copied onto it. TWRP claims to take care of setting up both slots, so I skipped sideloading copy-partitions. (I guess I’ll see if that really works out when I do an OTA update.)

Once TWRP was installed, the “Installing /e/ from recovery” instructions were successful.

I’m very pleased to see that /e/ on the Moto g7 has working VoLTE. Big thanks to the team responsible for making this work!

After a little more testing, the g7 will replace the Nexus 6P I’ve been running /e/ on for about a year and a half.

I have a new (to me) Moto g7. It’s currently running Android 10. I’ve verified that VoLTE works with the stock ROM.

Does /e/ support VoLTE on this phone? Has anyone actually gotten it to work? (My Nexus 6P should support VoLTE, but it doesn’t work for me.)

Is there anything I should extract or back up from the stock ROM before installing /e/? I’ve been told before when I asked about VoLTE that there were some missing pieces, can they be found in the stock ROM?

I’m on T-Mobile in the U.S.

I think mine is using VoLTE sometimes, but it certainly also uses edge and 3g a lot more than it did before /e/… Plus my listed network is T-Mobile even though I’m on metro PCS, so yeah something is not completely right, but mostly good… Screen going dark and ninrespinsicr was my problem for a while, but no longer ( I posted about that in the main moto g7 power xt 1955-5 thread around here somewhere…)

Update (at last): I finally got /e/ installed on my g7, and VoLTE works. :grinning:

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