Moto G7 Upgrade to R

Good Evening Moto /e/ community

I had been putting it off but I would like to finally upgrade my device from Q to R build. It seems to be explained briefly in the device wiki, but still leaves a few questions.

  1. Did you have to flash to stock android R to arrive at /e/ R?
  2. How did you verify your stock firmware version?
  3. What backup/restore methods work best with /e/?

If there are any active user that have upgraded, feel free to jump in.

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  1. there is no possibility to upgrade Moto G7 to Android R (11) as the manufacturer did not give such option / update (at least I have such situation on Moto G7 Power)

  2. I think that you would have to reinstall stock OS, update it and check in the settings what version it is

  3. in LineageOS I used Seedvault, I can see that /e/ has it as well :smile:
    *yes, I have just switched to /e/ but still need to set up phone settings for me :angel:

in LineageOS it is enough to adb sideaload the higher version of the OS

in /e/OS instructions also adb sidsload is enough