Moto G7 upgrade to T will not make calls

My Moto G7 was just upgraded to T and everything but the phone works. I can’t make or recieve any calls. I tried my other phones on the same network and they work fine. Any idea’s anyone?

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Sometimes your carrier APN, check out. apn, can get changed in an Upgrade. Can you tell to what extent you have carrier signal, SIM card ok ?

You should double check your apn settings against those recommended by carrier. Also you can experiment with the hidden phone info setting by dialing star#star#4636#star#star.

Honestly, very few times does a custom rom pickup the correct service automatically.

My phone says carrier temporarily unavailable, but it works on my backup phones. APN settings are the same, its just greyed out and blocked.

No carrier signal at all only wifi.

I would contact the carrier, also significant do you see “Emergency calls only” ?

You probably did already; worth cleaning the SIM and tray carefully.

There is another thing the carrier might possibly suggest “SIM too old”.

I am using the sim on an identical Moto G7 with lineagOS get the same APN readings and everything works. Possible bug?

My phone does run a banner across the top emergency calls only

“Emergency calls only” means that probably the carrier’s call handler will know the device is there and may give a clue. I would include their response if you decided to Report an issue; be sure to read later sections of the page if you have any trouble with your email address being refused.

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Thanks also in APN settings the APN enable/disable switch is greyed out?

This greyed out but Emergency only points to no service, but some contact. So it may well be the device / bug, but I would want to at least hear the carrier’s view as well.

Haven’t really got anything from cricketwireless, but the sim works in 2 other phones flawlessly. I will try and find the gethub or lab to check out. I was thinking of just doing a factory reset and see if that does anything, since I have to other phones with the same apps and information.

Good idea, but first there is

Settings > Reset options > Reset Wi-Fi, mobile & Bluetooth.

Edit Upgrade Android S - T is expected OK without Format Data.

A bigger Upgrade,

  • R – might very well require Format data.
  • Q – expect Format data likely required.

Based on info provided, im under the impression that youve never provisioned the SIM for this unique device. Carriers dont like SIM swapping. They like to tie SIMs to IMEIs. Ive done it on g7 and eventually they began rejecting calls.

But if my assumption is wrong and you did provision. You shouldnt remove the SIM and reinsert during the flashing process.

Maybe, but untill a week ago it had this sim in it for over a year, but i will check that out usually Cricket will allow any phone on their accepted list. It does however work in to other phones a Moto G7 with lineagos and pixel 3a with caylxos. Neither one has had the sim for sometime. However it does look like that could be what is going on I agree, that is another path I can checkout thanks.

Aibd you may have hit the issue I went from R to T, I used the /e/ recovery. Maybe that is the issue?

Maybe a downgrade to S if possible is an option?

Like @Tech-e1, I also have had personal experience of my carrier dropping service to one phone due to me swapping SIMs.

I would still be trying to get the carrier on side. They do not want to loose a customer.

I think the risks are a bit high with downgrade. The change R - S might have required a change to Stock ROM, which would have involved format data.

There would be a judgement to make if you were going to try to involve a stock ROM now … first thing to find out is what was the final software revision for the device … can you find it … can you flash it ? I do not know the phone so I cannot really advise, sorry.


Anymore news on this issue? I been thinking of going from S to T on this phone for some time. But am cautious because of issues and this is my only phone.


Not yet I tried putting stock android back on then even Lineage, but no phone calls. Got the carrier they are sending a new sim today or tomorrow. It may be a problem with the phone. I will post as soon as I test out the sim.