Moto G7+ XT1965-T, phone app crashing

Good day, just installed the E OS unofficial, “” for my Moto G7+ XT1965-T.

The EOS is beautiful and everything runs great except when trying to make a call, the phone app just keeps crashing, and the phone must be reset to get rid of the error.

Anyone help would be much appreciated!

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I do not know how to fix this, but I have just installed and am seeing the same thing on my Moto G7 XT1962-1 (e-0.14-q-2021012698290-dev-river build).

I agree also, the OS is wonderful otherwise…

@TheWarmCanuck @fbeard Unfortunately it looks like there is a widespread bug in the latest Q builds that is being investigated. I’ve had the same on two devices. Workaround is to use another dialer app such as Simple Dialer.

@chrisrg ok sounds good, thank you for the heads up on this! Simple Dialer seems like a good workaround.