Motorola G 2014 LTE (Thea)

I thought I had bought a Motorola G 2014 (Titan) - specifically for the /e/ OS
but it turns out it is a Motorola G 2014 LTE (Thea)

How different are these devices?

I don’t have the hardware capabilities to make a whole build myself, so am not sure whether to look into this deeper

Any comments would be much appreciated!

I can build one for you if you want, ur device listed here so its easy to build unofficiall /e/ rom, here some guides:
[HOWTO] Build /e/
[HOWTO] Build /e/ without docker for non LineageOS supported devices
[HOWTO] An unofficial / e / ROM built with Docker – in pictures

But for you i reccomend follow this one Fastest and easiest guide for building unofficial /e/ rom