Fastest and easiest guide for building unofficial /e/ rom

  1. Install Ubuntu (better choose LTS version). (
  2. Open terminal. (
  3. Copy-paste this commands (press Enter and follow the instruction given after each command):

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get upgrade

curl -fsSL -o

or, if you have problem, try this one

curl -fsSL -o

sudo docker pull

(better copy-paste from here
sudo mkdir -p \
/srv/e/src \
/srv/e/zips \
/srv/e/logs \
/srv/e/ccache \

In this command (better copy-paste from here set BRANCH_NAME value to v1-nougat or v1-oreo and don’t forget to replace whyred in DEVICE_LIST with your device code ([HOWTO] Find device code)

sudo docker run \
-v “/srv/e/src:/srv/src:delegated” \
-v “/srv/e/zips:/srv/zips:delegated” \
-v “/srv/e/logs:/srv/logs:delegated” \
-v “/srv/e/ccache:/srv/ccache:delegated” \
-e “BRANCH_NAME=v1-oreo” \
-e “DEVICE_LIST=whyred” \
-e “CUSTOM_PACKAGES=‘MuPDF GmsCore GsfProxy FakeStore Telegram Signal Mail BlissLauncher BlissIconPack MozillaNlpBackend OpenWeatherMapWeatherProvider AccountManager MagicEarth OpenCamera eDrive Weather Notes Tasks NominatimNlpBackend Light DroidGuard OpenKeychain Message Browser BrowserWebView Apps LibreOfficeViewer’” \
-e “SIGNATURE_SPOOFING=restricted” \
-e “OTA_URL=” \
-e “REPO=” \

Now you need to wait… How long? Well it depends on your computer specifications.

When your build is finished, you can find your zip file inside /srv/e/zips/“your device codename” folder


@unknown how long must you wait for the build to finish? I started the build about 10 minutes ago, how long till it’s done?

should it routinely be in the order of 10 minutes or 3 hours?
Thank you!

Depends on your hardware specs

Ok, could 10 minutes be natural?

Depents on your vm. Unknown has need around a hour, when i rember right und I gave need on my old iMac around 8 hours

no, i think couple of hours, you can see build progress with this [HOWTO] Building unofficial /e/ rom on a cloud VM - various options

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Ok, thank you. My VM is on my own pc (I didn’t want to mess up my real os …) and it has 16GB ram and 20 GB storage.

its not enough, need >150GB for one android version and maybe 500GB if you want build nougat oreo and pie

Please reed this its newest and more completed guide alse read comment section [HOWTO] Building unofficial /e/ rom on a cloud VM - various options

Oh no! Should I stop the build?

I wanted to use my own hardware.

yes, it will fail with “not enough space left” error

Ok, thank you. I have a 480GB hard disk, I’ll run the VM on that and tell you this evening (in ~7 hours) how it goes!

can you post your specs?

Sure, Host machine: 24gb ram, 120GB SSD, 2nd SSD:480GB.
VM: 16GB ram, 20GB ssd (Currently) 480GB (soon)

I think the best option for you, if there is no important data on 480 gb ssd, disconect 1st 120GB ssd, i mean remove sata cable, and install ubuntu on 480 gb ssd and with 24 gb ram i think it will build very fast, but depends from your internet speed because 1st it download sources then it building, so with bad internet dowloading sources can take long, because it need download 100GB+ data, but after that i think it will build very fast with your specs. Or just use second ssd for vm storage, but vm will build slower than the real hardware.

Sounds good, that’s what I’ll try to do. Thanks!!

no problem, ill help you with your questions if i can.

You’ve already been awesome!
If I’ve got any more questions, I’ll shoot them over to you.
Besides, I’ll make sure to post how it went tonight. (I’m building for RPi3B+!!)

well i think i will be not simple, because there is no officiall LineageOS support, do you have vendor, device tree and kernel sources for it? You should read this [HOWTO] Build /e/ without docker for non LineageOS supported devices, because even i can build only for officiall supported devices, i only made redmi note 5 pie which have only officiall oreo but original maintainer of pie build helped me a lot, if your build will be succesfull i think it will be very great for whole /e/ community.Good luck!

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