Motorola G 4G (peregrine): Support ending?

I have a Motorola G 4G (peregrine) running /e/ , but have observed that the OS has had no update since 13 March this year.
Can anyone tell if this means that /e/ support for this device has been discontinued? Or is it an unintended (hopefully temporary) consequence of covid-19? Too bad if support is dropped, as it is such an ideal size&shape phone for me.

Another issue is that the /e/ App store on this phone refuses to update apps, just saying 'Something went wrong! Please try again later." It has been like this for maybe a couple of weeks. Is this likely to be related to the OS version being too old?

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I like little format too and i believe you when you talk about the Motorola’s shape that’s what i don’t like with my iPhone 5s

My j5nlte last Oreo update is from 2 months ago, and that’s also the reason why I built my own unofficial Pie build. I don’t think my phone will be deprecated since it can run android pie and 10, so maybe that’s also the case for your phone.

I don’t know why some devices are “forgotten”…

And you need a more recent version of /e/ to have a working /e/ Apps Installer, so that’s normal if it doesn’t work.