Motorola G Play (2021) Guamna

Thanks. I use E/OS on my other Moto’s and it is great!

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I agree! Great starter model to play with this rom on!

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I would like to see an /e/ ROM for this phone (XT2093-4). /e/ always seems more stable and easier to use than other ROM’s, even if it doesn’t have all the bells and whistles like AOKP ROMs. Also, here in the states, the older 3G phones are being forcibly retired by forcing everyone to go to 4G and 5G, so people here are forced to buy newer phones. I’ll miss my old Moto G4 and it looks like I’ll have to retire my son’s G4 Plus as well. :frowning:

I agree
The Moto G4, G4plus phones are 4g and are still compatible on Verizon and it’s MVNO’s.
Actually there is NO good reason that the G4 shouldn’t work with other carriers too. They just wont ‘provision’ it.
I recommend Boom! Mobile ( Best Customer Service!

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I don’t care for Verizon, although I can get very cheap service through my cable provider - they are infamous for tightly locking their phones and my cable provider is allowing only a few outside phone brands. Locked phone means NO custom ROM installation, no /e/, no custom recovery, etc. I like to purchase my phones directly from Motorola - that way I know exactly what I’m getting. I received a phone from Amazon once - the carrier was unlocked but the bootloader was unlockable - not very happy with that. I also discovered by accident that some carrier SIM cards will disable the “OEM Unlocking” switch in developer settings - the MVNO “Pure Talk” does that. Not very happy with them.

After searching around, I came across the MVNO Patriot Mobile, who permits unlocked, rooted and modded phones on their network. Of course, AT&T prioritizes them at the bottom of the list as far as tower access goes but it’s not so bad - you just need to dial more than once sometimes.

I just wish /e/ had more resources and could support more and different types of phones, especially Motorola phones, which are easily unlocked in most cases.

I’m using BOOM! Mobile on my unlocked, rooted, eOS, MOTO G4 presently withOut any problems. Used them for years now. Except LAST year when i went to AT&T because they had an 8GB @ mo. package for $25.
WORSE Mistake I Ever Made on phone service…Back to BOOM! Mobile as of March, after that very Bad Year with AT&T!
I don’t like ANY of the carriers and I don’t have or want ANY tv service. Been that way for me since the early 90’s.
But YEAH, should do more development for Motorola phones for the reasons that you stated.
BOOM! Mobile has better C.S. than verizon themselves. Besy phone C.S. that I know of.

Glad you found something that works for you and permits you to use an unlocked and modded phone. I tried several carriers before I came upon Patriot Mobile. I’m glad there’s more than one carrier that still stands for phone freedom. :smiley: