Motorola G100 Edge S setup and installation

Hello I am having some trouble installing /e/ OS and was looking for some help. The G100 is a dual slot, slot_a/slot_b phone which makes installation a bit more difficult. It took a bit of work to get new drivers so my computer recognized the phone, to get the oem unlocked, and to make sure adb and fastboot was working. Before doing all this I had installed the sim card and everything worked including wifi, bluetooth, data, etc.

After these small problems, I could not install the recovery image that is listed on the official /e/ OS page. When trying to do so and reboot it would enter a boot loop and I would have to physically reset it to the bootloader. I installed an unofficial TWRP for a bit but the computer wouldn’t let me put recovery images or the installation zips on the phone. It would say copying but the copy would fail each time. Then I found an alternative recovery image on XDA. This unofficial image somewhat worked and I booted into what appeared to be the correct /e/ OS recovery. I tried following the copy partitions data, and it said it flashed and the phone said Signal Verification Failed which is to be expected based on the instructions so I believe that worked correctly. However when I try and install the actual ROM it fails each time. I’ve made it bast the bootloader or fastboot menus.

I feel like I’m most of the way there, and getting frustrated I can’t quite finish it off. Any and all help will be greatly appreciated. Currently adb and fastboot are working and the original rom is currently installed. A sim is installed and working however the wifi won’t connect at all so I’m unsure of what’s going on there. I appreciate any suggestions as I’ve spent way to many hours on this including lots of searching on this forum, XDA, and youtube. Again thanks for the help.

Just to rule out one simple thing … I see that ROMs are available for Android versions R and S.

Which are you using and what were you running before you started the /e/ install ?

I do not know the device, but when installing /e/ one might treat this as a “general prerequisite”:

Caution: Do not install /e/OS on top of a higher version of stock OS. Before installing /e/OS ensure your device has the latest stock OS of the same version as /e/OS. If only lower versions of the stock are available then install the last available lower version before installing /e/OS.

Thanks for the reply, I got busy with work so just looking at this now. So the TWRP recovery wasn’t allowing me to transfer the zip OS over and the only other image that I could get working ended up being a LineageOS recovery. I guess I was hoping that I could sideload /e/ OS through the Lineage recovery but it didn’t work. I just got Lineage sideloaded and working so I’m setting that up now. Its been more work getting this set up than I expected for now I think I’ll just roll with Lineage.

However if anyone sees this and has moved from Lineage to /e/ and has any suggestions I’d appreciate and tips or tricks, especially if you had this phone or another phone with dual slots.

Also to aibd, I had fully updated the phone on the stock Android OS to Android 12, which was last updated at the start of September 22. I assumed that this would be the latest version of /e/, the s version so thats what I was trying to sideload. After seeing your comment I tried the R version as well however that did not work either. Referring to my previous comment, I think these OS zips weren’t sideloading because it was coming from a Lineage recovery (the only one I could get flashed) and not from an /e/ recovery.

I could be wrong about not being able to sideload because of a different version of recovery. I am somewhat familiar with these processes, but certainly not an expert and couldn’t create my own build or alter a kernel at this point in time.

But thanks for the suggestions aibd, I appreciate the help.

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