Motorola g6 plus-Evert(?)

Hi, I would like to see the Motorola g6 plus Evert ( I think it is the model codename but I am not sure) supported. It is currently on android Pie. There are also an unofficial rom of Lineage os 16.0:

and an official Havoc os rom:
I hope this great phone gets supported.


I also have a Moto G6 Plus and I would love to have /e/ on it.
Please add it to the supported phones!

I have moto E5 plus. Please add it to the supported phones!

Hi. I smashed my Moto z Play and upgraded to Moto g6 plus (tx1926-3). So please, add IT to supported list.

Note Moto g6 plus is even on los17.
Please support it on /e/

Hi. I would love to have /e/ in my Moto G6 Plus. It supports too android Oreo. Currently it is on android Pie (Rom Stock). It is available LOS 17.1 Official Nightly:

Too HavocOS, RR Remix, Evolution X, Pixel Experience, StatixOS, and more. All roms available here:

Thanks for your job and consideration.

I will try and build today for this device…

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