Motorola G7 Plus (XT1965-3) install T, how to downgrade back to Q

I bought a secondhand G7 Plus to, dig a bit into building for eOS and to try out T.

At the moment Android 10 (Patch 02-2021) is installed and it is updated to the latest. I was wondering if I install eOS T and I want to revert back to Q (eOS or stock), it might be a problem because of security patches? Can I do it with RSA from Lenovo? I thought it might get bricked. Question is just about knowledge buidling at first :smiley:

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lake documentation links to rollback with RSA at - so I’d assume this works, no matter the security patch level present on device. If you then go ahead and install Q instead of T, as patchlevels should be ahead of any EoL device updates this too will work.

I wasn’t aware that on the device page there is a rollback manual, feel stupid that I didn’t see that. Thx

I myself wasn’t aware those exist

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