Motorola G7 Power XT1955-5

Hi all,
This is my first post. Just found out about this project today. I looked on the supported hardware list and found several Motorola G7 models supported but they are all XT196X models. It didn’t list any XT195X models. There was also a Beta tag on the listing. I’m looking to see if there’s any support for my model and if anyone has tried to load it with /e/. Also wondering why it’s listed as Beta.

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Did a search and found my answer. Sorry for the extra posting.

Anyone else looking for this, you should look at the post titled “E on moto g7 now installed”.
In it Manoj replies “Devices already with official LOS support are easy to build and will all get on the supported list. I think Moto G7 power is also supported so should be getting an /e/ version as well. Do not have the dates as yet.”

So, bottom line is anyone with a G7 Power just has to be patient and wait for the build.

the unofficial one is working, no need to wait