Motorola G7 river root anomaly


I’m running /e 1.21 T. I’ve rooted the phone specifically to run banking apps.
The problem or anomaly I have is that some root checkers state that the device is rooted others that it’s not!
E. G. Rootbeer says it is. Rootverifier says no. Neo backup won’t start.
I installed VD Info’s which says it’s rooted
There are no errors from Magisk which suggest it’s rooted

One thing Magisk is hidden for banking - relevant?

Which is it? Any suggestions welcome

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Just to say if I uncloak Magisk the banking apps say the device is rooted!

Did you give superuser permission to the root checkers? It is required for them to properly check.


Yep given root permissions to Root Verifier and Neo Backup. Both say device not rooted

Followup questions

  1. Is your magisk up-to-date
  2. Did you experience the same issue on v1.20
  3. Did you check magisk logs?

Yep. 27.00

I came from /e 1.17 S. There one bank app worked without issues. First Direct(UK) have tightened their security and now requires more work to run

No. Felt no need Magisk installs without issues.

One odd thing. If I reinstall Neo Backup it detects root but it then fails with further startups


Right. I have the answer

I hid all the apps associated with root in Magisk including Neo and Root verify.

Once they were opened up they detect root and work.

So I’m definitely rooted. I now have problems with First direct but that’s another story!

Thanks again