Motorola Harpia XT1607 Issue


+++ I’ve been using /e/ on my Motorola Harpia XT1607 for about eight months now, and it was working very well until I updated to the ‘Q’ release. I sideloaded the update through adb by the directions on “”, and I think I followed them correctly. I was able to boot into the upgraded OS with no issues, though after attempting to install an update through the /e/ os settings menu, the phone began to boot loop.

+++ I think that this might have happened because the system updater pushed a cached update, and I inadvertently downgraded. I reinstalled the package that I had originally sideloaded to update to ‘Q’, and although my phone works now, which is good, the cellular internet connection does not. I can make phone calls and send text messages, but cannot access the world wide web through my cellular network.

+++ I have confirmed that the SIM card and network provider is probably not the issue, because I am able to access the internet through this SIM in another device. I am not entirely certain how to fix this. I thought it might have been something related to my modem firmware, but I think that /e/ contains packages for that which it installs when sideloaded. Any ideas?

Kory Mac
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On sideload install/bin/ extracts 24 already present modem.*.gz files from /firmware/image/ into /system/vendor/firmware/. Are you on 0.16-q-…-dev-harpia? can you paste the output of

md5sum /system/vendor/firmware/modem.*

If this comes out correct and nothing is missing, I wonder if somehow the IMEI of the sim slots got overwritten, these reside in the modemst1 and modemst2 partitions. Can you check “About Phone” for the two slots IMEI, and if present, if there is any change in behaviour if you switch slots.

I’ve only got one sim slot in this phone, but there’s an IMEI listed for two sim slots, and it’s the same number. I will check to see if this is the same IMEI that is listed when I view it from the bootloader. Thank you for your response.

Would I be able to fix anything by flashing a stock rom, and then reinstalling /e/?

ok, I learned the XT1607 just hasnt’t the second SIM slot populated on the board. I scrambled to find a SIM card frame for the tiny one I have that fits the XT1602, will test tomorrow if I find any issue with mobile data. It’s not my primary device, so I didn’t insert a SIM yet and test with 0.15/0.16, but planned to anyway.

Did you see “Moto G4 Play: no cellular data after upgrade to 17.1” (LineageOS/android#2099)? will read this throughly tomorrow, but skimming it, the problem you describe seems widespread.

My own tests were successful, so no fundamental issue. After reading the threads I think there are two categories of problems:

  1. no SIM card detection at all, what is hinting at failed firmware extraction, a known bug. This is fixed since feb/mar '21, one needs to flash a current recovery first before reflashing for the firmware to be properly extracted (los#3129). Not sure if you are affected by this, I think it is unlikely. There can be a deeper error if the /firmware partition is incomplete, by the wrong device or corrupted. But I speculate you would have no mobile service at all then. We can debug this together though.

  2. wrong APN settings. There are a lot of duplicate issues to the extent “no mobile data” and adding/changing apn settings seem to fix issues. Can you disclose your operator? the file relevant is apns-conf.xml (los#2721, los#3343). You can compare and search with a part of your operators name with:

curl -o apns-conf-17.1.xml
curl -o apns-conf-14.1.xml
diff apns-conf-14.1.xml apns-conf-17.1.xml | grep -i operator

similar procedure between the /e/ nougat or q/pie/oreo branch histories of the file. Download the raw xml and run a diff, looking for your operator. A fix then is to update to a build that includes the proper settings or editing them yourself as root.

I would be curious to know your mobile provider to do the comparison myself and see if there is merit to the APN idea.