Motorola Moto E. Downgrading from Android 10 to Minimal Nouget

After my Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 become a ‘soft-brick’ due to the new /e/ update being incompatible with Oreo, and no new firmware being available for my phone, I’m looking at getting a Motorola Moto E. The problem is that the particular phone I’m looking at comes with Android 10, and the /e/ OS for this model requires a Minimal Nouget. My question is: if I buy this phone and flash /e/, will it work with Android 10? Or do I risk bricking another phone? Or can I flash the older firmware (minimal nouget) to the device?

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What Moto E ? Condor oe LTE Surnia ? Both are officially…

I think it is misunderstanding,

Sorry, what are they both? I’m waiting to hear back about which model they are. Would it matter which? And do you know if I can flash /e/ if they are running Android 10?

What is misunderstanding?

I had tested a lot of q-roms i my old Surnia before running /e/…

Good evening.

What a cool comeback, guy!

Perhaps you could explain a bit why you’re angry …

The new /e/update Q is not incompatible with your sm-A520F Oreo firmware…
You have to install /e/OS on a device running latest firmware available.

Right. Hmm, well I think the move is to see if I can get Lineage working on my phone, as they are still using Oreo 8.0 firmware. Thanks a lot for your responses!

How did they work? Im interested in hunting one down.