Motorola Moto E LTE - surnia


I will test this unofficial tomoriw evening…

[UNOFFICIAL BUILD] Motorola Moto E 2015 LTE (surnia)

Here’s another unofficial build. It’s untested so use at your own risk:

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I will test it soon, to see /e/ emprovements (now e-0.7-n-20191005)… Thanks a lot.


I forget to say here that your unofficial e-0.9-n build works fine, as daily driver. I don’t notice any bug.

Thanks a lot.

Note that Lineage released OFFICIAL 17.1 (= Android 10/Q) weekly builds for surnia:

Yes, thanks, I’ve seen and tested (from XDA) when migrate from e-0.7 to e-0.9 but ROM crashed quickly when I wanted to freeze some apps, with FOSS alternatives inboard…

Seems to be ‘to big’ for surnia’s RAM, too…

I wouldn’t think it’s too big for the RAM. Especially since this OS is designed without Big G’s heavy tracking.