Motorola Moto G 2014 LTE (thea)

Hi there,
i got unlucky ! I wanted to install /e/ on my “already on Lineage 14.1” phone but there’s no ROM for the phone. And there are so many for different versions ! (titan, osprey, peregrine, …).

Is there any chance someday you will do thea ? I don’t actually want to buy a new phone just to be able to install /e/ on it :wink:

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Please search forum, before create topic Motorola G 2014 LTE (Thea)

Thanks for answering me that quick.

A few questions though :slight_smile:

  • what you are offering is unofficial /e/ rom, and I thought this section was for official suggestions
  • if I install your unofficial rom, how can I know you did not put some malicious code in it ? :wink:
  • if I install your unofficial rom, I won’t get any updates, right ?
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Its only 2 request for this device so its very small chance its ever get official build, for other questions i already answered before Sony Xperia Z5 compact (suzuran)

Este é um Motorola g4 plus , que instalei o OS “e” Oficial ! Ele atualiza normalmente .

Which version of /e/ did you install on your G4plus ?

Comecei, com o arquivo : e-0.5-n-201905099519-dev-athene , Veja bem apesar de eu conseguir este sucesso com o meu Moto G 4 Plus , não foi simples assim para conseguir más acredito que está na forma ou comando do flash!!

I don’t speak portuguese, and online translators don’t actually help me understand what it is you want to say. Sorry bro, but can’t figure out.

Are your trying to say that you tried to install not-supported-device ROM on your phone ? Because it’s supposed not to work.

That’s not what I’m telling you!

What I said was that,

I started, with the file: e-0.5-n-201905099519-dev-athene, Look well although I achieve this success with my Moto G 4 Plus, it was not simple to achieve bad believe that is in the form or command of the flash !

What I mean is, my Moto G4 Plus, is working well with OS ‘e’!
Except the brightness of the screen that has little to adjust! But it’s alright.

Sorry for the translation errors in English.

Hi there,

I’d also like to see /e/ running on this phone. What will I have to do to vote for it?

Before I do a (new) device-suggestion I am asked to see if the device is already in the list. So for my understanding ‘thea’ is already in the list and I don’t have anything to do.

Where can you see that there are only two people interrested in building /e/ for this device?

Sorry for my dull question, but I think I did not understand something.



Hi @Micha.K you do not have to do anything more. The number of different users requesting for a particular device is what is used as the factor in deciding if it gets added on the supported list.

Hi @Manoj, thanks for your confirmation. I thought it’ll work this way.

This will be a little off topic but in my opinion working this may lacks a litte transparency. If I want to suggest a device, I am asked to see if someone else has suggested this device. There is neither a hint that says ‘please post your suggestion to the existing topic’ nor a possibility to vote for that device.

Your expectation is: if someone is interrested, she/he will post to this topic.

My way of thinking about it was: someone already has suggested this device, I don’t need to do anything. Then I saw @Unknown stating that there were only two votes and I wondered.

I hope you understand what I want to say. May be there should be a litte hint to post even if there is already a suggestion for that device …

Hi @Unknown, sorry for my missing answer and thanks for your effort to provide /e/ for thea.
After hearing that thea will not be supported I concentrated on setting up the build environment and I built it for myself. So I’m able to update from time to time.
It runs like a charm and there is nothing that does not work (even the issuse with URL-links on the start screen is gone).
I’m really surde that I would have experienced the same with your build (if I had seen your posting earlier).

Hey @Micha.K,
would it be possible for you to publicly provide your builts or even make it available in the Smartphones list? It would be really nice to have the latest security fixes on the phone, as I would like to use it as long as its possible.

Hi @globaltrotter,

thanks for your request and your trust in me :slight_smile:

It would be really nice to have the latest security fixes on the phone, as I would like to use it as long as its possible.

I was of the same opinion as you and I had to learn: the latest security patch level for Android 7.1.2 is October 2019. And it will never change as support for this version has ended. See this interesting discussion for further details: InfoSec Handbook, 25.12.2019, Final look.

As I did not successfully manage to build oreo- or pie for the phone I don’t see a reason to build newer versions. (This opinion will change if oreo or pie comes out for Thea, but I doubt that this will happen).

In other words: you can use @Unknown’s version and update the apps and have the same effect as I have with my build.

Hi @Micha.K,
thank you for your reply. At least there is a ResurrectionRemix Version of (, they somehow managed to get the RIL working. Unfortunatly it doesn’t seem to be maintained since September 2019. I’d built newer versions for myself as well, but this seems really difficult for me, as I have no experience in this.