Motorola Moto G 2014 - Titan (oreo version)

I was using Lineage 15.1 and wonder why doesnt exist a 0.2 branch for this device??

I think you can close this topic. See

Hi @sve the request from @Erekoze was for an oreo build for titan. The current build is in nougat or what was branch 0.1 earlier.

I am sorry; I failed to check for -n or -o- in the zip file names :frowning:

@Manoj I quit for the idea to build an Oreo based ROM for the titan, as you may noticed.

My new Xianomi MI A1 it’s better supported.

Thank you very much for your help. I feel awful to fail with the build. :confounded::tired_face:

The current build is in /e/ for titan dev (nougat).

β†’ LineageOS 17.1 [Android 10] for β€˜titan’ is possible.