Motorola Moto G5 OS version?

I’d like to install /e/ on a Motorola Moto G5 XT1676.

The phone is listed as supported with OS code R, which, if I understand correctly, translates to Android 11. However, the phone’s documentation indicates it uses Android 7.0, upgradable to Android 8.1.

Does /e/ override the Android 8.1 “limit” of the phone? Should /e/ work on the phone?

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Well yes it should ! But there is an unresolved issue for this phone cedric

More generally though an /e/OS Android 11 (R) build is expected to work fine on a device where manufacturer support already ceased as long as one follows the guideline on the install page.

Before following these instructions please ensure that the device is on the latest Android 8.1 firmware.

You will notice that the build is reported safe to install, but there will be some uncertainty about the next update, I guess.

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I appreciate the reply and heads up on the wifi problem.

And forgive me, but I’m new to /e/. Do I understand correctly that not being part of v2.0 means my Moto will never proceed past Android 11.0 with /e/?

I see at as the most recent. It seems that would be a safe choice, but where is e-1.21-r-20240323388943-dev-cedric?

The build was withdrawn due the wifi failure. It is available from a different source,, if one wanted to experiment with it.

/e/OS is to roll from version 1.xx to version 2.0 later this month (:crossed_fingers:). The “test build” v2.0 appears to have been created and is available for testers, maybe there will be news in due course.

It is possible that cedric does not move to Android 12 (S) – I do not see a branch for it here – but it is quite possible that others are working on unofficial builds, idk.