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Device is no longer supported on /e/OS

Looking to upgrade from 1.8 to 1.15 and there are both install instructions and upgrade instructions.

To go from Android 11 to Android 13 looks like I need to follow the “Manually upgrade channel to T” instructions that state:

“Some devices may need a revert to stock ROM prior to upgrade.” -

how do I know if my device needs to revert?
if needed, how do I revert?

Later the instructions state, " please ensure that your smartphone is on the latest Android firmware available for your device…Check you device vendor’s website to download the required Stock ROM."

how do I know if my device is on the latest Android firmware?
how do I know what the stock ROM is and where to get it?

Hope someone can assist.


PS: Would be nice if the instructions were simplified with 1 - n, required or optional, and linked instructions to things like finding firmware and stock ROM.

Firstly were you careful to have you phone fully up to date when you first installed /e/OS. From a search Moto G7 play latest firmware I found motostockrom – I would look for another confirming source. Edit The search also revealed worldwide-motorola-support and XDA – Moto g7 play Factory Firmware

Then check the Vendor SPL (security patch level) on your phone now. It is the date of your last software revision.

Settings > About phone > Android version > Vendor SPL.

If you are as sure as can be that there is no software revision ahead of the date found on your phone, you will be good to go.

Please share the date you found for the next person facing this decision !

I have been making a case that we try to find a way to keep this info for more devices,

Thanks for responding aibd.

VSPL = Feb 1, 2021

Pretty sure I was required to get all the latest updates to Android 11 before installing e.

Presuming I was and am on the vendor’s latest firmware, next question - do I need to be on Android 12 before installing /e/OS ‘T’?

If so and Motorola site says they no longer support upgrades to newer versions of Android, where do I get Android 12 and are there instructions to upgrade?

Once you have the last and latest firmware you are good to go.

The way I look at it is that /e/ (and any quality custom ROM) will use as its base the manufacturer’s latest release, in an ongoing way month by month. Once the manufacturer stops support the device is effectively “frozen” at that Vendor SPL date and you can just install any ongoing ROM without “going back to manufacturer ROM” again.

Lineage say that the “modern” method is made to be effective from Android 12(S) to 13(T).

So if you try R to T I would say be sure to have a backup. If you went R - S -T I cannot judge the difference in overall risk; I have no first hand experience.

To minimise risk a little I would uninstall any apps that you are comfortable with losing data and settings.

Thanks again. So this is my steps??

  • backup all data
  • download the latest build and recovery files (going from R to T)
  • sideload the package
  • reboot the device

Anything else?

The instructions show > /e/OS build : T dev
but when going to the link it shows > Android S
e-1.15-s-20230916331435…zip with no recovery file

Is this the T build?
Do I use the 1.8 recovery or something else?

So we see channel predicted in [LIST] Devices which will be getting upgraded to /e/OS T but I guess the ROM and e-recovery are not yet published. Furthermore e-recovery are a little “behind” in general Week 39, 2023: Development and Testing Updates - #28 by Manoj.

The Upgrade page tells us to

Run adb sideload /path/to/zip (inserting the path to your /e/OS package).

where /e/OS package would be a matching pair of + recovery-e-1.nn-X-xxxxxx-dev-channel.img.

So today I would think it ok

  • for Android 12 (S): + recovery-e-1.14-s-20230818321663-dev-channel.img

  • or for Android 13 (T) … wait for a matching pair.

Thanks aibd - the Install page says T build is available but the latest build on the downloads page is S build with no recovery

Will wait for T and looks like that might not be until v1.6

@Manoj - hi - any date for Moto G7 Play to have a T version?

We are creating a list of the next set of existing devices to be upgraded and new devices to be added on T. Will share the list with all, once it is available.

Thanks @manoj, looking forward to it

Also do you guys have a list of the what phones /e/ is most used on or downloaded for other than Murena?

Google/Fbook URLs in /e/ Apps settings?

Can anyone explain why there are some default settings that clearly reference dot com, google dot com, g dot co, and facebook dot com?

Apps & notifications > Default apps > Opening Links > see screen shots

And what are the implications in terms of functionality of “opening links”?

Is the calendar connecting to google for some reason on a “de-googled” OS?

Any clarification would be helpful.


S version is stuck on 1.7 - patiently waiting…

Disappointed with “e” - no response for months and while waiting for the upgrade they said was coming, the Moto G7 Play page disappears

It was here (

Can anyone explain if this phone is still supported and/or if it will ever see a T version or any other upgrade? @Manoj ??

  • Support for the Motorola Moto G7 Play channel is being dropped.
  • We have been unable to build builds for the device post v1.17 which was on /e/OS T.
  • Builds for the MOto G7 Play channel are failing as there is not enough space on the device to sustain all our default applications.
  • Users with ROM building skills will be able to create customized builds of the channel if they so desire as the device trees will be available on our servers.