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Regarding Moto G7 Power installation:

I first tried straight after unboxing the device and oem unlocking it. That bricked in a way that it didn’t turn on anymore and named itself “Qualcomm loader…something”. I then had to use “blankflash” that contains a tool called “qboot” that I found in some dubios sources, to restore the stock bootloader. I then reflashed with the stock-rom and let it apply all available updates before flashing /e/. Maybe it’s worth a hint to apply all regular android updates on this device before flashing /e/.

On the 1.16 recovery, it would be helpful to note that a message popup about restarting recovery arises. I choose “No” to continue.

Hi, I just install the os on Moto G7.
The documentation is pretty straight, only one remark: the last step is missing.
After installing the os, you have the option to install additional package yes/no

Hi @Ken748 welcome to the /e/ forum.

/e/OS inherits this option from Lineage. /e/ expects no extra packages, but it remains an option for those who have reason to want to add anything at this stage.

The standard answer is Extra packages - No.

  • (The answer Yes does not lock the user into installing anything, that is the user can still exit.)