Motorola One 5g Ace (Kiev)

Very glad to see an /e/ ROM recently released for the Moto One 5G Ace. I have some news about getting 4G / 5G access on AT&T networks. Currently, AT&T is quietly “shadow-banning” unlocked phones from their 4G/5G network and so are at least some of the AT&T MVNOs . I was with Pure Talk (a US based AT&T MVNO) for a little over a month and discovered that their SIM card deactivates the “OEM Unlock” switch that must be actuated in order to unlock the bootloader on Motorola phones. If their SIM card is put into a phone that is already unlocked, the user is limited to 3G service.

I am unable to go with T-Mobile - I tried Mint mobile (US-based T-Mobile MVNO) and found that, although the map says otherwise, there is no signal anywhere in my town - T-Mobile is supposed to have better coverage than AT&T but not in rural areas, I guess. Patriot Mobile (another MVNO here in the US) is a little bit more expensive than other AT&T MVNOs (just a couple dollars) but I have discovered that you can unlock the bootloader with their SIM card installed and I am willing to pay a little more to have a de-Googled phone. They also sell a totally unlockable Moto G Play (I purchased one and am giving it to my wife) and I have been encouraging them to sell more Motorola models. I am currently waiting for a SIM card from Patriot Mobile to test my son’s phone (Moto G4 + with /e/ ROM installed) and determine if they will allow 4G service on a phone with /e/ ROM installed. I’ll let you know one way or the other.

How was your experience with an unlocked bootloader and /e/ installed on your son’s phone with Patriot Mobile? I’m about to put /e/ on my secondary phone and test it out with my Cricket Wireless sim card, but since they are an MVNO of AT&T I’m wondering if I’ll be stuck with 3G service. LOL I may have to switch carriers if that happens, unless I can get them to fix it. My friend is switching his phone to Patriot Mobile.

Hey! Thanks for the question! Gives me a chance to gush about my favorite MVNO!
I gotta tell you that Patriot Mobile is the best phone company I have ever worked with! I can’t praise them enough! They are a little more expensive than other MVNOs but their “bend-over-backwards” service is worth every penny. They even worked with me to get my de-Googled phone up and running - try THAT with any other carrier or MVNO and see how much help you get! They will listen to you and add your input to their helpdesk database so that other customers can benefit from your experience. My personal experience with them has earned them my loyalty and, unless they sell out, they will be my carrier until the day I die.
Once you get your SIM card, just make sure that you make a phone call with the stock ROM or, at least, a ROM with Google Play (Google Services) installed before you switch to /e/ or another de-Googled ROM because it seems that the major phone carriers have some sort of agreement with Google that the phone has to hit a tower at least once with Google Services installed before you will be able to get phone service.
Patriot Mobile offers SIM cards for all major carriers. If you live in a rural area as I do, you may be forced to use AT&T - they don’t play well with de-Googled phones and you may need to jump through a few hoops before they will recognize your phone. I prefer Verizon as they seem more lenient towards de-Googled phones and all the phones in my house have Verizon SIMs but their rural coverage is not so good.
Be aware that coverage maps lie about coverage, especially in rural areas. According to the map, my town has coverage by all three major carriers but only AT&T reaches everywhere. Verizon has dead spots and T-Mobile is nowhere to be found.
As for 3G service, all carriers are doing away with it. 3G is dead where I live. The Ace does 5G which is why I went with it. Motorola phones are easy to unlock and give me all the features I want.
I wish you luck. I would be happy to render additional help if you need it.