Motorola ‘warning screen’ keeps turning up during restarting

  • /e/ version:1.9
  • Device model(s): Motorola Edge 20
  • Developer mode enabled: yes
  • Device rooted: yes/no ???
  • Trackers blocker enabled: yes


Having installed e/os on a Moto Edge 20 I find that every time I restart the phone I see a ‘warning’ from Motorola, that my phone’s “boot loader is unlocked, etc.”, for a 5 seconds or so.

So I installed e/os a second time but I keep seeing this.

Although e/os is running welI, I do find this annoying, what can I do to stop this warning from showing up?

Before I used a Samsung Galaxy S9 with e/os which did not show this at all.

Thank you,


This is the “Orange state warning” ref

… in the case of “older” Samsungs the “Orange state warning” is much more polite … and simply tells us that the bootloader is unlocked with a very small “unlocked padlock icon” :unlock: !

Only way is to try to relock bootloader. I haven’t heard of anyone able to both relock Motorolas and keep /e/Os. Usually results in data wipe.

It gets annoying however, in my case my phone maintains a longggggggggggggg uptime. I restart maybe once a week.

… but one cannot relock bootloader with most (exceptions) /e/OS ROMs !

Please see this search: re-lock bootloader

Thanks for reacting!

You get this warning from Motorola when you unlock the boot loader. It will persist as it has nothing to do with “e”. You may be able to find a boot logo flash on XDA. Not sure if there is one available for your model.
The only other option is to relock the bootloader, but you probably won’t be able to use ‘e’

here’s an (old, Moto X4 payton) user who made AVB work by building themselves and include the key for the image - but that bar is high and you’ll need to do sign your own updates aswell:

I speculate this will make the warning go from “yellow” use the “orange” warning screen, so will not show the animation either? can be wrong.

Anyway, I didn’t feel the heat and just got rid of the screen: [HOWTO] Moto: replace the startup screen warning