Motorola Z Play installation problem

I’m trying to install on my Moto Z Play. On the installation page, there was no recovery link, so I installed the official LineageOS version. Coming from an old LineageOS 15 install, I did wipe everything before starting the installation. I confirmed ADB is working.
The install stopped: installer doesn’t recognize the device:

Warning: no file_contexts
This package is for device: addison,addison_retail; this device is ."
E: Error in /sideload/ (status 7)

(Device name is left blank)
My phone is definitely a Moto Z Play (Addision). I can install latest LineageOS without any problems.

So far I could not find a workaround for the /e installation problem. Does this package expect a special recovery for a successful installation?

online you’ll find workarounds to setprop the addison codename yourself within the recovery terminal if it finds nothing.

setprop ro.product.device addison

I see /e/ doesn’t offer a separate one, so it’s most up to date twrp for the device?

It’s an interesting device, sadly it didn’t get past nougat it seems at least from the e build list

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Thanks for your help.

I will search for the latest TWRP. My old version wasn’t able to adb sideload, so I took the LOS recovery. But maybe it’s not compatible?

The device page says Android R aka 11 aka LOS 18.1.
At the moment I’m running LineageOS 18.1. LOS is not as energy efficient as the original ROM was, but it’s ok. Motorola managed to keep the energy drain very, very low. With normal use I had to charge the device only every 2-3 days. The SoC is optimized for low energy and the build in battery was one of the biggest available in a 2016 phone. Mine is still in a mint condition and therefore it is a pity to leave it in the drawer.

you’re right… it has official lineage 18.1, it’s in the device page and it’s in the device list to build for R at .gitlab-ci.yml · v1-r · e / os / releases · GitLab

but I see no R image at /e/ image ROM download

might ping @Manoj

maybe there was a build error (partition size etc).

(for sideloading you indeed can use any recovery, the lineage, twrp and e all offer adb sideload)

Thanks for pointing this out. Have passed on to the team to check why the build is missing.