"move" behavior in Files-App depends on filepath


with the newest version of /e/ (/e/OS0.9-2020061158052) on my Fairphone 3 I have encounerd strange behaviour.
There appears to be something like two different filesystems in /e/. The problem is, that pictures will only show up in the gallary-app, if they are in the “Images” folder.

Let me describe:
Step 1)

  • Download a picture to the folder “Download”
    → Go to “Images” (in the sidebar of the “Files”-App)
    → The folder “Download” should be visible now. Moving to “Download” you will see
    the picture.

  • Go back to your “Home” Folder (the ‘primary’) now go to “Download”

  • Move the picture to the folder “Pictures”
    → Going back to “Images” you will still see the folder “Download” and the picture
    in that folder, but you will not see the folder “Pictures” or your picture in this folder

  • Go to primary/Pictures

  • move the picture back to “primary/Download”

Step 2)

  • Go to Images/Download
  • Move the picture to “Pictures”
    → The folder “Pictures” will appear in “Images” and your picture also

The obvious workaround is, to only use Step 2) to move files around but this is not a satisfactory solution.

So the question is: Why does /e/ behave this way? Is there a satisfying fix? i.e a fix, where it does not depend on the filepath when I move a file, how it will appear in the filemanager.

The “Document id” differs:

  • Accessing from primary/Pictures
    → Document id : primary:Pictures/picture.jpg
  • Accessing from Images/Pictures
    → Document id : image:#no
    (where #no is some Integer)

Any insight into why this happens is much appreciated.
Many greetings
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