Moved to Canada, need new phone, lots of confusion

Hello. Preface: I am very bad with IT and this forum is a bit overwhelming so I apologize in advance, probably even posting to the wrong board…

I have been using e for a while now and I am really happy, I’ve had two refurbished samsungs from the store and everything has been great until I moved to Canada. Problem one has been reception, I have way worse reception here than people with conventional OS. Problem two: I am a phone dropper and now both my phones are smashed badly. My husband gave me his “old” samsung and I thought I could just slap the OS on it and go but it seems I can’t. The model number is not listed and a little research told me that this is indeed a different model and will likely not work. SM-G960W. Is there hope for me?

If not, I checked the store again and there are way less options for Canada than back in Europe, one to be precise. I can only buy the Teracube 2e. I do not really have the money for a brand new phone and as much as I would like to be able to replace a broken screen, it seems they do not have support here in Canada, at least this is what I read about fairphone. Has that somehow changed with the rebranding to Murena?

Sorry for this mess of a post, I would apprieciate some advice from you guys.

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Fairphone support doesn’t matter if you don’t have a Fairphone.

You could ask the closest local smartphone repair shop whether they can fix your Samsung display(s) for a quick fix until you figure out the phone situation.

Murena is not Fairphone?

Murena is a brand of the e foundation for their marketing purposes.
Fairphone is a smartphone vendor based in The Netherlands and currently mainly catering to the European market.

The e foundation and Fairphone have an official partnership in place for mutual benefit, but as you can see in the Murena shop, there are /e/OS smartphones of other vendors being sold, too, among them Teracube phones for use in e.g. North America.

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Thank you for clearing that up for me

@Tulip, which carriers are available in your area? I think some support more frequencies than others, so it might help if you could switch to one of those.

On that same website, you can also check a specific device for compatibility with any country/carrier. For instance, if you input “G960F” (and I don’t know if this is your model #), you can check Canada in the resulting list:

Maybe you can shop different carriers for a better connection.

And you should be able to get your screen replaced at most any phone repair shop.

By the way, you should probably do a reset on your phone before handing it over to 3rd parties for repair. If necessary, you can post a question here to get advice on how to back up your data so that you can restore your phone to the way it was before reset.

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Thank you, I never thought about repair to be honest, I looked it up years ago and still remember it being almost the price of a new phone, but that is probably not the case anymore. Seems like the way to go for me. Thank you for the hint about resetting it.

So can you say something about the phone I was hoping to install e on? Is it just not possible at all?

I believe the main issue is the difference in CPUs used by the North American variant and the European variant, but I’m no expert on that.

It shouldn’t cost very much to replace the screen. And in the meantime, you can use your SIM card in the SM-G960W. (You can disable much of the Google stuff, but not all. And just skip signing into any Google account.)

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So can you say something about the phone I was hoping to install e on? Is it just not possible at all?

as @taurus said, they’re really different phones within the S9 model name - the Exynos and Snapdragon lines, the SM-G960W and U being the later type. A rom for the U will work on the W model.

There are custom roms for S9 Snapdragons, a lineage 17.1 too. So a /e/ community build is at least possible:
but this is not something that you could rely on.

the starqlte models were discussed before in this forum at Unsupported Galaxy S9 models?

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