Unsupported Galaxy S9 models?

Beginner question for someone who wants to use /e/ but hasn’t migrated yet :slight_smile:

I have a Galaxy S9 model SM-G960U
The list https://doc.e.foundation/devices/starlte/ does not include this in models supported. Does that mean that /e/ definitely won’t work, it might work, or it will probably work?

/e/ OS information (bottom right)

Other models are not supported

Well, that means that /e/OS definitely won’t work. If only because the SM-G960U model uses the Soc Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 instead of the Soc Samsung Exynos 9810 (SM-G960F, F/DS, N).

Ah :frowning:

I just wanted to check because I wasn’t sure what about the models were different. I guess that means I have no hope of using /e/ unless I get a new phone. I don’t see any unofficial builds for this model either

Thanks for the response

For the Galaxy S9 SM-G960UQualcomm’ codename ‘starqltechn’ there is a ‘stable’ custom recovery OrangeFox R11.0. Now you just have to search and find a suitable ‘unoffiical’ OS ROM.

Samsung offers a comfortable working environment with Stock Android One UI 2.5 (Android 10), but with the known disadvantages. A well-maintained unofficial CustomROM is definitely a sensible alternative. And AOSP Android 11R is also already available.

Without guarantee: [ROM] [Android 11] DotOS Galaxy S9/S9+ [OFFICIAL][starqltechn][star2qltechn]