Moving App Icons on my homescreen

After installing /e/ on my Fairphone 3+ I noticed that I can’t freely place App Icons on my homescreen. They stack at the top of the homescreen and when I move them, they just jump back to the cluster of other Icons. I also can’t find an option to change this in the settings. I would appreciate any help, thanks in advance.


Hi, Bliss launcher the default launcher which comes with /e/ is a basic implementation. You cannot place icons where you want them. It will automatically place them on the top as you mentioned. The developer is working on a number of improvement suggestions that are open in the gitlab for the launcher

You can download and install other launchers which are available on the default app store. openlauncher is good option. Typing launcher also shows a lot of options.

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:thinking: yes you can, if you move an icon between 2 other icons, the icon on the right side will move tot the next position automatically…

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Thank you! this is really helpful :smiley:

Thx :+1::+1: - finaly gcam is working on my Oneplus 8(wouldn’t work on lineage) , but couldn’t figure out, how to move the gcam-app to the right bottom of my screen !!