Moving App icons

Hello everyone,

maybe a stupid question …

I am using e/OS v1.20-s

is there a way to move the app icons in their order between several pages. So that the important ones are on the first page.

greets Thomas

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Long press an icon until they all start to wiggle. Then you can move them

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Yes, long press and then swipe up - changes the order …
This works on the same page.

But how do I move the apps from one page to the second or third page?

I suspect this is not possible because the e/OS desktop is structured differently from Google’s desktop.

It is meant to be a “natural” move: just drag the icon to a vertical (right or left) edge of the screen.
Please be aware that a screen full of icons won’t probably not accept another :wink: .
Also, you can create groups and move them, simply by dragging an icon onto another (I use to create a temporary group when moving several icons to another screen, then optionally “unpack” the group).

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