Moving Data Between ROMs

Is there backup / restore software that will run on both /e/ and another Android ROM? I’ve tried several:

  • Titanium Backup - not supported on /e/.
  • OAndBackupX - not supported on the Moto G4
  • Easy Backup & Restore - Not found in the store

In fact, I don’t seem to be able to find backup software in the App Store that will work on another ROM. What gives?

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have a look in Aurora from f-droid. There are several clone device apps available

@harvey186 - I may have found something. The Old OAndBackup software works on my G4 and it is avaliable for /e/. It may be the solution.

Good luck. It has never worked full for me and I hate rooted devices

@harvey186 - I’m sorry. I would not use a phone unless it was rooted. You can’t really backup or restore data for apps (progress with games, etc) without root. Several apps I use (Battery Charge Limit, AFWall, Tasker) would not work or wouldn’t work properly without root. W00t!

I absolutely love Motorola phones because, in most cases, it is so simple to unlock the bootloader because Motorola will help you to do that. Without an unlocked bootloader, there is no way to load /e/ and, in any case, no way to root the phone.

If you’ve ever owned a Samsung, I can understand your hatred of rooted phones. Rooting a Samsung is a nightmare.

No, it’s not the rooting process. It’s root. It makes the device unsecure.

@harvey186 As a programmer, I can tell you that rooting the device does not make the device un-secure, it makes the device less secure. If you want security, the most secure electronic device is one with “write only” memory but then it’s not really useful to anyone, is it? :slight_smile:

I respect people who don’t like to root their phones - and with the LineageOS root package, you can add and remove root anytime you need to. I just personally feel that I need access to these “forbidden” parts of the phone to make the phone more convenient for me.

@harvey186 Also, OAndBackup didn’t work to restore data. I wish that I could load Titanium Backup on /e/.

why not, I have had it running. Write to the dev. he will send you a licence file which you can store on your device. Than you can use all pro features

@harvey186 It said it backed up and restored the data but when I started the app, it couldn’t find the data. Titanium backup, on the other hand, successfully restored the data.

Yes, Titanium Pro is the non plus ultra :wink:

There are plenty of backup apps which will backup the APK, which is OK as far as it goes. I just went through about 8. I even tried copying files from root data but it doesn’t work, although I don’t know what I’m doing exactly. Only Titanium Backup seems to work as far as restoring the data.

Don’t know what to do at this point.

Sorry, I really don’t know where you are now or where you stuck. It’s all a little confusing for me.

@harvey186 Perfectly understandable.

I actually managed to install Titanium Backup on the phone but I can’t install the PRO key. I am going to test to see if it will, in fact, restore data to the test phone. If so, the problem is solved. We’ll see how it goes. I hope it works.

@harvey186 - then we just need the Titanium Backup people to fix the PRO key to use MicroG.

Nope. As I have written, you can get a text file (licence key) from the Titanium Developer. This file you have to save in root folder of your device. Titanium makes no licence proof via MicroG (play store). It checks for the licence on your device. Write to the developer. He is very kind.

Already did that . I suspect he’ll reply sometime tomorrow.

I misunderstood what you said before - thanks.

let see what happens

Yay! It worked! Problem solved. Time now to put /e/ on my phone! I’m so happy!

Glad to hear that…