Moving photos to albums

Hello all folks
I was wondering would it be possible to move photos between albums using Gallery app?
Or should I use Nextcloud app for that?

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In my experience you can use the Files app to move photos to different albums, or use a different viewer like Simple Gallery. There is also a “paid” Simple Gallery Pro – just tested it from App Lounge, no request for money, at time of download.

Interesting. The only name I ever knew it by is Simple Gallery Pro (F-Droid). Guess I never noticed the Play Store version.

Note that App Lounge prioritizes F-Droid over Play Store versions of an app. What you see is the F-Droid version. That’s why no request to pay.
In Aurora Store is the actual paid version.

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Thanks, what I installed is Version 6.27.2 from App Lounge.

I also did not first notice the open source flag showing in App Lounge.


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