Mpow x3 headphones, no sound when calling

I have no sound when making/ receiving calls using mpow x3. Already made a ticket just wondering if there are more people who use them without problems.


are you sure you enabled calling and not only media in bluetooth settings for this device ?

Yes I checked, and it was on. These are nice pods, would be great if it is going to work.

Sadly I don’t know… The only thing I can do is this post to move the topic up.

I have the same problem. Can u update me as to how was it resolved. Thanks alot, appreciate it as well.

/e/ devs think it is solved in q sources, but i cant confirm because im still using pie. What version do you use?

Im on droid Q but it works fine about a month after purchase then suddenly the call function stops.

What do you mean by droid Q, /e/ Q?

Hey, have you solved this problem?
I can’t seem to find a solution

No, im still on Pie, anyone tried it with Q?

Have you tried turning up the volume when making a call? Phone function volume may be at minimum (completely silent). Just discovered this issue myself when troubleshooting :slight_smile:

Yes, but on Pie version, I dont use Q yet, heard it is more laggy, i’m allergic to that :slight_smile: So on Q it works?

@andrelam I don’t know. Just thought I’d post about my experience in case it might help somebody - but I have an iphone.

Hello, has anyone found a solution about android Q?? They’ve been months since the last time i was able to use my headphones for calling.

Thanks for sharing the point that this problem is resolved in Android 11 or /e/OS R.