MS Intune company portal unable to register

Hello I have problem with MS Intune Portal. I have fairphone 3+ I installed e-os latest version on it, but intune company portal can not register the device. While creating profile of the company I get message connection interrupted and process can not be finished. I red the App Unternehmensportal thread where there is same problem with no solution. Company support told me that FP has no suport for android business which is required for running MS intune company portal. Can you help what can be done? This is quite crutial for me. Thank you

I guess it won’t help you much, but I’m successfully using Intune on my FP3 with stock ROM.
I don’t know about “android business” but either the FP3 (with stock) has it or my company has fewer requirements than yours (not sure if this is something than can be configured in different ways with a company policy or if it’s “baked into” Intune).

From another phone (FP2 with lineage, opengapps, rooted plus magisk hide) my impression was that MS intune is really good at detecting when there’s “something wrong” with the phone (from their perspective). So at some point I simply gave up, i.e. couldn’t use company resources with that phone.

Hello, thank you very much for the reply. Whah does it mean “stock ROM”? I boght FP 3+ found that preinstalled rom is too tight to google services including sms, phone app etc so I decided to intall supported version of e-os for fairphone. ( just to be clear what OS I am using) thank you.

“Stock ROM” is (in this case) the system delivered by Fairphone with their phones (i.e. FPOS).
I think, as I mentioned in my thread you’ve linked, that MS Intune company portal runs fine on stock ROM as this contains Google framework but probably does not run on /e/OS as this “only” contains microG mimicking functions of Google framework but probably missing some functions necessary for “Unternehmensportal”…

Thank you, if there is any way how to make Intune work on e-os I appreciate the advice.


I tried this process and also failed, but at slightly later stage.
It seems that the profile gets created, an additional userspace is created but then within that userspace there is no internet connection provided and it fails to re-authenticate to enable operation of anything inside it.
Sound like something that maybe too strict privacy and ants-spying features of e/OS might do.
I’d love to get it working. Can offer some debug info if anyone technical can interpret it…