MSM Reporting of what Google tracks

Interesting article, hopefully will wake up some more people.

Regain your privacy! Adopt /e/ the unGoogled mobile OS and online servicesphone

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If the comments are an indication, it doesn’t really seem like giving people the information changes anything.

Half of the statements there are along the lines of “Google knows everything about me, so what? I don’t mind, it’s even useful sometimes.” or “If this bothers you, why are you using a smartphone in the first place?”.


The mitigations given are likely pointless. The phone still probably sends the data to Google. Options like “hide location data” are there to make people feel warm & fuzzy and not think too much. It’s only hiding it from the user. No, I can’t prove any of this but Google has form when it comes to creatively arguing that “there’s nothing to see here”.

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Any evidence at all for that assertion?

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Any chance you might read to the end of the post?

It is a shame the article didn’t mention de-googled Android phones so people could research them.

I did. No evidence at all except your view that “Google has form” - which is not evidence :slight_smile:

“No, I can’t prove any of this”

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