MT65xx Android phone

Any ideas if this phone can be converted to run e/ os

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There is no “normal” development for that set of devices. You have a particular brand and model?
From what I can tell there was never a LineageOS. Since /e/ is based on that…

There’s a discussion about getting something on one of those devices, ROM or GSI. Everything seems less than simple on the MT65xx.

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Your request is much too general, i.e. too unspecified, to be able to give a concrete answer. There are numerous versions of the Mediatek MT 65xx chipset (e.g. MT6572, 6577, 6580, 6582, 6592, 6595, …) and many more devices

Very many devices are only equipped with 2 GB RAM or less and only support fewer 4G LTE bands or none at all, often only 2G GSM. There are much more powerful devices with Mediatek MT chipsets for little money.

OK no worries i guessed maybe not. i am picking up a Samsung S10 tomorrow so going to try and install it on there instead. My S8 has finally come to ed of life and I love e/ os. the MT was a cheap spare phone. Thanks for your help.

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