Multicamera support

/e/ doesn’t use the default camera app of linageOS, but doesn’t configure it replacement in a sufficient manner.

in contrast to “snap” “open camera” isn’t able to access multiple cameras of different focal length available some phones (e.g. on my MI A1). the reason for this behavior are mainly related to the fact, that open camera isn’t listed under “” in build.prop.

unfortunately open camera doesn’t support auxiliary cameras very well and will often show a wrong number of cameras and crash on accessing this unavailable devices after changing this build.prop-entry. i don’t know, how this behavior could be fixed, but i really would like to see a working camera solution on /e/, which doesn’t ignore the available hardware capabilities of our mobile devices in a very unsatisfying manner.

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Have you tried enabling Camera2.API in the settings? According to forums, that phone should have that.

no this issue isn’t related to Camera2.API.

it’s only about:

  • enabling auxilary camera support for /e/s camera application [in manner which doesn’t get lost after the next /e/ update again :frowning: ]

  • fixing the detection of available cameras in OpenCamera (= /e/s default camera application), just as available and perfectly working in LinageOS snap[cam] in case of the MI A1: