Multiple (rear) cameras

Is there anywhere some status/information regarding the support of multiple cameras support on /e OS ?
Most phones nowadays have many cameras on the back (some too many actually)
Most of the phones I used until recently had only 1 camera on the back (better 1 good than many mediocre ones). However I started recently using a Sony Xperia XZ2 premium phone onto which the second camera (monochrome) is actually of more interest to me than the “primary” one. /e OS doesn’t “see” it. What could be done and is there any way I could help on this?
I like very much /e OS but the camera app is probably the worst of all the systems working on the phones. I’ve seen there are many attempts by many users to get something better than the fork of open camera that /e OS is using, but no general consensus or viable alternative seems to have been found.
On Lineage OS they have started to use a new camera app called Aperture, where multiple cameras (usually) work; at least the Sony Xperia XZ2 premium is supposed to work. I installed iAperture on /e OS but the second camera doesn’t work. By the words of dtrunk90 (guy responsible for supporting Xperia devices on Lineage OS):
" In LineageOS’ device tree we have an Aperture overlay:…s/Aperture/app/src/main/res/values/config.xml
I guess you’re missing the overlay in /e OS."
Aperture is based on CameraX library. I don’t know at the system level what is missing or what are the wrong settings that prevent some cameras from working.
Does anyone have some answers to these questions? As far as I remember no phone I have used with /e OS had support for multiple cameras… maybe the S9+ running on stable ?!
On Oneplus 5 running T I can’t access the second camera. Does anyone used Oneplus 5 on Lineage OS 20 to confirm if it’s working or not?
Thanks for your support!

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I was hoping for a feedback regarding users experience with multiple camera on /e OS. @Manoj feel free to move this topics to a more suitable location if it doesn’t belong here.

On Oneplus 5 I’ve installed Microg Lineage OS 20 (Android 13) and both rear cameras work.

Does anyone know at which level the support for multiple cameras exists in /e/ OS or in general?
I know that /e/ OS is based on Lineage OS, but in Lineage OS both cameras of my Sony XZ2 premium work, whwreas in /e/ OS they don’t.
Would rooting the phone and installing the original camera app make me be able to use both back cameras?

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