MuPDF reader really unfriendly

I’ve been trying to use the default pdf reader in /e/ for a week.
I’m fed up with the difficulty to turn page by hitting the screen.
It is really not practical.
I just tried Librera Pro from F-Droid. It looks more comfortable.

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Same here, I quickly installed the non mini version, MuPDF Viewer that I found far more usable.
With a touch screen, I find more intuitive to swipe to turn pages.

Good news ! MuPDF (which was really bad) has been replaced in the last update (dev-2020-02-28) by Pdf Viewer Plus.


Why does pdf viewer plus require full network access permission? :roll_eyes: MuPdf viewer only requires storage permission.

All the open-sourced apps I have that need an internet connection to do something have the “full network access” permission so I guess it’s just a permission that allows an app to access the internet.

In the case of a PDF viewer, it’s useful to open PDF files that are online without directly download them before.

Because it can read .pdf’s online, though most browsers can do that today Pdf Viewer Plus has this function too.

Thanks, MuPDF mini could only read the first page of a .pdf, Pdf Viewer Plus allows to swipe trough the full document.

That’s not true, although navigating within pages is not obvious with muPDF :wink:

I’ve installed PDF viewer plus but I can’t uninstall MuPDF mini.
Is there a way to unistall it ?

It’s uninstalled only when you update to the version that replaces it.