Murena 2 not synching files

I have just received and installed the Murena 2 and find that file synchronization does not work in either direction. I checked that the account synchronization settings for files and photos are enabled and even triggered an on-demand synchronization.

From the phone:

  • New camera pictures from DCIM/Camera are not subsequently showing up in the website.
  • New screenshots from Pictures/Screenshots are not subsequently showing up in the website.
  • New audio clips from Recordings/Sound records are not subsequently showing up in the website.

From the website:

  • New files from Documents are not subsequently showing up anywhere in the Murena 2 local documents. I have checked in the obvious user-friendly folders like Documents as well as under the various app-specific Android/ sub folders.

Is there anything I’m doing wrong?

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So after all… synchronization is indeed working.

It just seems it takes a loooooooong time :unamused:.
This seems to have been happening over a 12h to 24h period.
Is there any settings one can set on the phone to improve this situation ?

were you within an unmetered wifi the whole time or did you switch networks to mobile data in between?

  • as of writing, the minimum hardcoded interval to detect content that’d need syncing is 15 minutes (INTERSYNC_MINIMUM_DELAY const in the code)
  • in case of failure of an individual file sync, there is a exponential backoff mechanism, it will retry sync of the file at 1h, 2h and then 5 hours
  • reading and helped me, just for later reference

both mechanism rely on there being an unmetered connection available (or settings to allow for using metered connections, but better don’t)

That may well be the case, indeed.
Thanks for the clarification.