Murena 2, Quickcharge

What about the quickcharge on Murena 2 ?
Is it possible ?

Thank’s !

No only slow charging

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On the technical data, you can see ‘Charging time High Speed charging 18W’


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Effectively, thanks !
I don’t know why, but when i’m using my quick charger ( on my Samsung galaxy S7 the quick charge is effective but not on my Murena 2.
And I’m using the same type of cable.

How do you know that Quick charge is not working on the Murena ? :slight_smile:

Because it needs 3 hours to charge. But I’ve tried only one time so, I’ll come back later to keep you informed

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As I see here,
your Ugreen charger shares the same specs considering the output voltage.
I don’t know if you can try with the cable provided with the smartphone, or if there is an option in Android to enable fast charge :thinking:

I’ll try the original cable later.
Yes there is a option in Android but not in the /e/OS …
Or I can’t find it

I charged with an in-line charging monitor active. The voltage hovered between 9-10V and current around 1A for a total of more or less 10W. The charging mode as indicated by the monitor (although it may have not recognized the protocol properly) was DCP (max.1.5A), so pretty basic.