Murena 2 sale closed?

Why did the Murena 2 phone disappear from the shop and company Web?
What is the reason? Too many technical problems…?

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We do not have enough Murena Two pieces to continue the sale. We will restart if we get a firm commitment of newer stocks. The same as any model which we sell.

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There are too many technical problems inducing commercial problems ? How so ?

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Aha! Not enough Murena Two pieces. Here goes Murena One:


So, what is the problem with Murena One? Not enough pieces, either?

Let me just quote someone from another thread - apparently he knew was he was talking about:

The Murena 2 was in extremely high demand and is now fully sold out. We are working hard to create a new and even better model in our Murena line for our users.

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So you basically say that we backers have paid to become your beta testers?

If you feel you are not satisfied with the Murena 2 you can send in the details and ask for a refund.

Also, this shouldnt come as a shock to anyone. If you’re not treading a beaten path there will be hickups.

You are not telling the whole story, mate.

I would be very suspicious. In fact, I am. It is how the helpdesk operates that bothers me greatly.

Not walking on a beaten path (as in: “walking on a hollowed ground”), you say. Hickups, you say.
Yeah, technical - maybe. But it is not acceptable for customer care to be so horrible.

No, I don’t want to ask for a refund for the phone. It’s basically working. It would be nice to have some update on the Wifi issue, though.
What I actually need is a case that fits the phone. And I’m wondering if you really want to continue selling a case with known issues.
Also I’d fancy to have all driver issues sorted out before going on with the hardware stuff. That would help both the backers and potential new customers.