Murena 2 users 3D print your own protective case

(CAD drawing of Murena’s enclosure)

it has been nearly two weeks. What is the status?

There are no updates. We are awaiting receipt of the 3D screen covers from the new vendor, which should start coming in by mid of may.

When you, @Manoj, say the covers should start coming in by mid of May - you mean from the vendor to Murena, correct? If so, sadly, this doesn’t match Murena’s own announcement on Kickstarter which they posted on Apr 25 2024 at 9:15 AM:

As of yesterday, we’ve switched gears to Plan B: we’ve ordered 3D-printed Murena 2 cases, that are planned to ship out from the factory by May 6th.

Unless the vendor is so far away it takes more than a week to get the cases to Murena (located in France, I presume?).

Also, when you say “no update” (on the CAD drawing of the M2 enclosure - not to be confused with the protective case) - does it mean Murena would not share that with us? If yes - why? I really would like to get it for my own future projects. Thanks.

@Manoj Could you provide us with an accurate 3d model of the Murena 2 phone so I can make my own protective case and print it my self.

As you may be aware, we have contracted a different vendor to create the 3D back covers and the first set should be going out to users by mid of this month. We have not received any size specifications from the vendor. We will request them to share the measurements against which the cases are being created. Will update if we receive the measurements.

I don’t need the sizes from the vendor. I want to make my own case, therefore I need the an exact 3d model of the Murena 2. Can you provide that to me please?

Yeah, exactly. @Manoj? You said in the past you would ask Murena about that. So, what is the status? Will the 3D model of the Murena 2 enclosure be shared with us here? Thank you for your understanding.

What is the current status, please? Have the first cases been shipped to customers yet? Has MURENA received them from the vendor? What is the situation?

The updates have already been shared here Users should start receiving the cases in a week.

I might have missed how this works, but who gets the covers? Is it the ones that have bought the Murena 2 or have they been ordered separately? If so, how can I order one, they are not on the store.

The first set will be going out to the crowdfunding backers. We will have it added to the website as well to make it easy for other customers of the Murena 2 to purchase it.

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Those updates do not answer my specific questions. Anyhow: why does Murena not address any tickets raised @ their helpdesk related to the protective case? I have a major shipping change and have heard nothing back in regard to that.

Also, please clarify the technical details of those protective cases MURENA acquired for their customers - what are those cases made of? Which 3D model was used to make them?

There are no further updates on this thread. The purpose of this thread was to offer an alternative method to users to create the back covers. Now, that the vendor has sent us the back covers which the team has started sending out to users.We are starting with the users who had crowdfunded us. The links to purchase the cases have also been added to the Murena shop.
On continuing with guidance on printing the 3D cases we do not have the expertise to advise on Blender or 3D printing nuances.Nor do we have the details of the cases manufacturing specifications from vendors.
The files that we shared in the initial thread have been removed as they had some errors as pointed out by users in this thread.

Users are advised to wait for the cases to be sent to them or purchase the same from the Murena shop.

In case of complaints please contact helpdesk for a resolution or if one is not available you should get a refund on the Murena 2.

One more time: what we need is the 3D model for the enclosure the M2 device was put in, not the model of the protective case. The idea is to design a new case by the members of the Community here.
In fact, I went ahead and requested that from the Murena helpdesk directly.

Now: since you @Manoj say this thread is for 3D printing of the case - I am off to a completely new thread. We will further discuss the latest developments with the Community.

You should not remove the models, @murena @Manoj
It would be much better if you left them here with a note/warning they are not 100% proper for the phone and need further work. Perhaps someone could pick them up and work further to make them fit the phone nicely. It would also be good to keep the files for archival purposes. Without them the whole thread becomes unclear / irrelevant (a discussion about… nothing, don’t you think?).

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