Murena account and Fediverse

Some months ago I read this post on the blog of nextcloud. The post is not new. It dates back to December 2018.
If I have understood well, it is possible to implement social features in the Nextcloud servers.
The 28 October 2022 post says that “Nextcloud Social is available as an alpha version for earlier releases, with an update to Hub 3 coming soon”.
Does any one know if it’s possible to join the Fediverse by Murena account or to have this feature in near future?

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Not sure what you mean. There is no Fediverse to join. The Fediverse is a name given to a wide collection of various decentralized platforms. Each with their own sign up methods.

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Fediverse Observer

while there can be different federation protocols, activitypub is now big enough to be referred to as the fediverse. What nextcloud offers here is a protocol implementation you have a basic interface for to send a status around. Why not.

You’d miss a lot of features you can find elsewhere in status sharing.

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