Murena account synchronization

Hello, at the moment I am using stock android, however it is together with F-Droid and I am thinking about using murena cloud account on synchronizing my data. I’ve already synchronized notes with Next Cloud app, but I wonder how to synchronize text messages (sms) and contacts. I am planning in the future to get back to /e/ so for this time I will have my backup ready :smiley:

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I can suggest SMS Backup & Restore.
The pro version allow WebDAV upload, which is working with Nextcloud server :wink:

I use and recommend SMS Import / Export

Has much the same functionality as SMS Backup and Restore Pro, and it’s FOSS.

I have set mine up to export daily, to a folder in my eCloud directory tree which is automatically synched using the NextCloud app

I only use it for SMS and Call Logs: for contacts and calendar, I use DAVx5 and ICSx5

Thank you. I will try it out :smiley: