Murena: best dialer

I’m looking for a dialer better than the default one.
Can someone sudgest me one?

Thank you


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Many recommend the Simple Dialer from

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Better in which way?

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F-droid (open contacts dialer app) i use this one i really recommend it . I also have not found dialer that i like either not many option to dialer apps ---- make sure you back up your contacts – ( open source dialer app) uses its own encrypt contact file .

Best dialer i like was Symbian dialer app Symbian is gone also dialer app android 4 kitkat was great also

Best wishes

I worked on - and used - Symbian phones for Ericsson and Sony Ericsson. Twenty years on, and Android phones still do not provide the several days of battery life between charges that I got from my Symbian phones. Progress :wink:


My first smartphone (Nokia 500) used Symbian, and this OS and phone just worked, period. Having to move away from Symbian after it was given up for me was not an improvement in overall usability and stability.

I truly sincerely honestly miss Symbian esp nokia handset with antenna pull out , they built like Russian tank an tonka toy almost indestructible an no software glitches no snooping apps